Descendants of David Lay



Generation No. 1


1.  DAVID1 LAY was born in England.


Child of DAVID LAY is:

2.                i.    JESSE2 LAY, b. 1745, Caswell  Co, NC; d. 1810, Campbell Co, TN.



Generation No. 2


2.  JESSE2 LAY (DAVID1) was born 1745 in Caswell  Co, NC, and died 1810 in Campbell Co, TN.  He married HANNAH GIBSON, daughter of JOHN GIBSON and MARY DUNCAN.  She was born 1746 in Caswell  Co, NC, and died in TN.


Children of JESSE LAY and HANNAH GIBSON are:

3.                i.    JESSE DUNCAN3 LAY, b. 1745, Wilkes Co, NC; d. 1806.

                  ii.    JOHN LAY.

4.              iii.    DAVID LAY, b. 1753.

                 iv.    MARY LAY, b. 1765.



Generation No. 3


3.  JESSE DUNCAN3 LAY (JESSE2, DAVID1) was born 1745 in Wilkes Co, NC, and died 1806.  He married CATHERINE BRADLEY.  She was born 1750 in Wilkes Co, NC, and died 1810 in Wilkes Co, NC.



5.                i.    JOHN MICHAEL4 LAY, b. September 10, 1790, Wilkes Co, NC; d. 1874, Wilkes Co, NC.

                  ii.    BETSY LAY.

                 iii.    MARY LAY.

                 iv.    ISAAC LAY, b. 1770.

                  v.    NANCY LAY, b. 1770.

                 vi.    JESSE LAY, b. 1774.

                vii.    ISSAC LAY.



4.  DAVID3 LAY (JESSE2, DAVID1) was born 1753.  He married SUSANNAH GIBSON. 


Notes for DAVID LAY:

David Lay was a young Englishman who came to the Colony of Virginia about 1750, some 25 years before the beginning of the American Revolution. It seems he was married after arriving in America. He was a Farmer, as were most people at that time. He secured land by "Patent" from the Colonial Government and added more land From time to time by purchase from individuals. Records show him in Halifax County, Virginia in 1755. That area where he lived later became Pittsylvania County, Virginia in 1767.

Where in England the Lays lived is not known. Others of his generation were in Virginia or North Carolina. John Lay was in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Thomas Lay and Jesse Lay were in Wilkes County North Carolina, all of whom could have been cousins or brothers of David Lay. David must have been married twice because he was the father of fifteen or more children. The name of his first wife is not known. His second wife's name was Susannah Gibson.

During the Revolutionary War, having a large family and too old for service as a soldier, he was shown by official records to have provided supplies For the army including a quantity of beef, For the Continental Line of the Army. It was my privilege to have him named as a Patriot on the records of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution. I am proud to be a member of the SAR as his descendant.

David Lay sold his land in Virginia in 1787 and after a few years stay in Wilkes County, North Carolina, he moved to Caswell County, North Carolina, with his family, where he died about 1815. David and Susannah Lay were the parents of my great-grandfather, Burrell Lay, who was born in 1776 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. In 1804 Burrell Lay was married to Leannah Newell in Rockingham County, North Carolina



Children of DAVID LAY and SUSANNAH GIBSON are:

6.                i.    BURRELL4 LAY, b. 1776, Pittsylvania Co VA.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH LAY, b. 1775.

                 iii.    MARY LAY, b. 1776.

                 iv.    BARTLETT LAY, b. 1777.

                  v.    SUSANNAH LAY, b. April 08, 1778.

                 vi.    WILLIAM LAY, b. 1785.

                vii.    GEORGE LAY, b. 1788.

               viii.    INSTANT LAY, b. 1793; m. SARAH ?; b. 1796, NC.

7.               ix.    JOHN DAVID LAY, b. 1797, Pittsylvania Co VA.



Generation No. 4


5.  JOHN MICHAEL4 LAY (JESSE DUNCAN3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born September 10, 1790 in Wilkes Co, NC, and died 1874 in Wilkes Co, NC.  He married RACHEL FOLEY 1810 in Knox Co , Ky, daughter of MOSES FOLEY and ELIZABETH GREEN.  She was born February 05, 1790 in Washington Co VA.



John Michael Lay was also called "Missouri Jack." He traveled back and forth between Tennessee and Missouri, not being able to decide where he wanted to stay. It is believed his travels influenced other early settlers in Campbell and Scott County Tennessee to make the trip to Missouri.


John met Rachel while serving as a delegate to a church association. At the time, he was living in Knox Co KY. He later settled on Elk Fork near Elk Valley in Campbell County TN. John was living in Campbell County by 1913, when he sihned a petition to the Legislature to move the county seat.


The family bible of John M Lay gives dates of birth for both John and Rachel. It gives John's parents as Jesse and Catherine Lay. Also in the bible are the names and birthdates of their children. In 1984, the bible was in the possession of Arlie Lay of Scott County TN.




Children of JOHN LAY and RACHEL FOLEY are:

8.                i.    JESSE5 LAY, b. November 19, 1813, Campbell Co TN; d. Lincoln Co Ky.

                  ii.    SPENCER LAY, b. November 10, 1811.

                 iii.    JANE LAY, b. March 12, 1816.

                 iv.    MOSE LAY, b. December 06, 1818.

                  v.    JAMES A LAY, b. February 20, 1821.

                 vi.    MICHAEL LAY, b. December 25, 1823.

                vii.    WINIFRED FOLEY LAY, b. August 05, 1826.

               viii.    WILLIAM DANDY LAY, b. February 20, 1828.

                  ix.    THOMAS LAY, b. December 18, 1832.

                   x.    DELILAH LAY, b. 1833.



6.  BURRELL4 LAY (DAVID3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born 1776 in Pittsylvania Co VA.  He married LENNAH NEWELL November 13, 1804 in Rockinham Co North  Carolina, daughter of LANDON NEWELL and MARY ?.  She was born 1781 in Caswell Co NC, and died 1851 in Pulaski Co Ky.


Notes for BURRELL LAY:

Burrell Lay, who was born in 1776 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. In 1804 Burrell Lay was married to Leannah Newell in Rockingham County, North Carolina

As was the common practice in the early years of the settlement of the nation, Burrell Lay had the urge to move further westward Together with his wife and children and his widowed mother, Susannah Lay, he moved from Rockingham County, North Carolina in 1818 to Pulaski County, Kentucky. Along with them were other related families, including two brothers of Leanhah Newell Lay, John Newell and Landing Newell. A few years later three brothers of Burrell Lay moved from Caswell County, North Carolina to Pulaski County,

Kentucky. They were George Lay, Instant Lay and John Lay. The County records of Pulaski County indicate that by the 1850's all of these brothers had died. They all lived on adjoining farms or nearby. Names of the wives and of the children of each one of these can be supplied from my records.

Burrell Lay and Leannah Lay were the parents of six or seven children, including my Grandfather, Moses Lay. He was born in Caswell County, North Carolina in 1811. He moved, at the age of seven, with his parents to Pulaski County, Kentucky, where he grew up and lived until 1834. He married Jane Reagan in 1833. She was the daughter of Michael Reagan, Revolutionary War soldier. At the time of his marriage to Jane Reagan, his parents gave them a farm of 125 acres. Although a good future seemed assured him in Pulaski County, Moses Lay, like his father before him, felt the urge to move to where it was believed the pastures were greener and opportunities greater.

So, after one year following their marriage he sold his land to his Uncle "Landy" Newell and in 1834 with his wife and small son, Ephriam, went from Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky on a flat boat down the Cumberland River to Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee. For seventeen years Moses Lay lived and farmed in Smith County, Tennessee having only fair success. By this time his family included himself, wife, Jane, and seven children.

Learning of the opportunity to buy land in Illinois from the Federal Government at a very favorable price, he sold his Smith County, Tennessee farm in 1851 and moved his family by covered wagon to Illinois. He purchased land, located in Johnson County, Illinois from the Federal Land Bank in Shawneetown, lllinois l have copies of these original records.

His land was in New Burnside Township, Johnson County, Illinois, near the community of Ozark. This land was not only suitable for farmland, but it had hills and hollows, fine timber and bluffs and streams providing beautiful snenery. Also on this land in Johnson County was one of the most beautiful water falls in any part of Southern Illinois. For many years it was known as "LAY FALLS". At this time it is a part of a recreation area for young people. This love of Nature was a definite quality of the character of the Lays. From the Virginia Farm of Moses Lay's Grandfather, David Lay, through the succeeding years, the Lays have always chosen to have land in the hill country.



Children of BURRELL LAY and LENNAH NEWELL are:

                   i.    ANDREW5 LAY, b. 1803.

9.               ii.    SCYNTHIA ELIZABETH LAY, b. 1808; d. 1879, Pulaski Co KY.

                 iii.    MOSES LAY, b. August 15, 1811, Caswell County, North Carolina; m. JANE REAGAN; b. 1833; d. 1853, Zion Cemetery, in Pope County, Illinois.


Notes for MOSES LAY:

In 1853 Jane Reagan Lay, wife of Moses Lay, died and is said to be first person buried in Zion Cemetery, in Pope County, Illinois, about three miles east of Ozark. With the death of his wife, Jane, a big problem faced Moses Lay with a family of growing children. For about two years he remained unmarried. Then he met Mahala Ellen Burns recently moved into the neighborhood from Tennessee, with her father, Cyrus Iddo Burns, a native of York County, South Carolina.

Moses Lay and Mahala E Burns were married in 1856. She not only accepted being Mother to the children whom Moses had by his first marriage but had six more, as his new wife. He died in 1871 and she continued as Mother and head of the family until all of the children were grown. She died in 1896. Moses Lay is buried in Zion Cemetery with each of his wives on either side, in their eternal resting place. My older brother, Coy  Lay, now in his late 80's recalls that our father, Joseph Lay, told him that our Grandmother, Mahala Burns Lay, was a success as manager of the family farm and was a good Mother who maintained firm discipline over her children and household.



10.            iv.    PRISCILLA LAY, b. 1816, in Pulaski County, Kentucky.

                  v.    DANIEL LAY, b. 1820.

                 vi.    HARRISON L LAY, b. March 04, 1823.

                vii.    CYRENEOUS LAY, b. December 1824.

               viii.    DAVID LAY, b. 1825.

                  ix.    LIBBY LAY, b. 1825.



7.  JOHN DAVID4 LAY (DAVID3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born 1797 in Pittsylvania Co VA.  He married MILDRED DURHAM 1818 in Caswell Co NC.  She was born 1803 in VA.


Children of JOHN LAY and MILDRED DURHAM are:

11.              i.    HENRY5 LAY, b. 1825, Pulaski Co KY.

                  ii.    MARTIN LAY, b. 1820.

                 iii.    SILAS Z LAY, b. 1824.

                 iv.    JOHN DAVID LAY, b. 1824.

                  v.    NANCY LAY, b. 1828.

                 vi.    ELIZABETH LAY, b. 1830.

                vii.    SUSANNAH LAY, b. 1831.

               viii.    ELIZA LAY, b. 1833.

                  ix.    JACKSON LAY, b. October 05, 1835.

                   x.    THOMAS S LAY, b. 1837.

                  xi.    ISAAC T LAY, b. January 29, 1838.

                 xii.    ANDREW LAY.



Generation No. 5


8.  JESSE5 LAY (JOHN MICHAEL4, JESSE DUNCAN3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born November 19, 1813 in Campbell Co TN, and died in Lincoln Co Ky.  He married HANNAH BRYANT in Whitley Co . KY.  She was born 1814 in Ky, and died Bef. 1855.


Children of JESSE LAY and HANNAH BRYANT are:

12.              i.    JOHN6 LAY, b. 1844, Campbell Co TN; d. Lincoln Co, KY.

                  ii.    ISSAC LAY, b. 1836.

                 iii.    WINNA LAY, b. 1838.

                 iv.    HANNAH LAY, b. March 13, 1839.

                  v.    SPENCER LAY, b. November 1840.

                 vi.    RACHEL LAY, b. 1841.

                vii.    MICHAEL LAY, b. 1846.

               viii.    ELIZABETH JANE LAY.



9.  SCYNTHIA ELIZABETH5 LAY (BURRELL4, DAVID3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born 1808, and died 1879 in Pulaski Co KY.  She married JOHN BAUGH June 14, 1826 in Pulaski Co KY.  He was born 1799 in VA.


Children of SCYNTHIA LAY and JOHN BAUGH are:

                   i.    MARGARET6 BAUGH, b. June 10, 1828.

                  ii.    SARAH BAUGH, b. 1830.

13.            iii.    MAHALA BAUGH, b. 1824, Pulaski Co KY.

                 iv.    PERRY BAUGH, b. 1835.

                  v.    EPHRAIM BAUGH, b. 1837.

                 vi.    JANE BAUGH, b. 1839.

                vii.    WILLIAM HENRY BAUGH, b. November 30, 1842.

               viii.    JOHN BAUGH, b. 1843.

                  ix.    WILLIE BAUGH, b. 1849.



10.  PRISCILLA5 LAY (BURRELL4, DAVID3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born 1816 in in Pulaski County, Kentucky.  She married JOHN BAUGH July 08, 1834 in Pulaski Co KY, son of ADAM BAUGH and JENNY YOUNG.  He was born November 29, 1815 in in Pulaski County, Kentucky, and died September 11, 1839.



                   i.    CLARISSA6 BAUGH, b. December 29, 1835, Pulaski County, Kentucky; d. April 21, 1920; m. BENJAMIN BASTIN YOUNG, May 21, 1853, Pulaski County, Kentucky; b. March 26, 1835.



11.  HENRY5 LAY (JOHN DAVID4, DAVID3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born 1825 in Pulaski Co KY.  He married (1) DELILA TRIMBLE November 29, 1847 in in Pulaski Co KY.  She was born 1825.  He married (2) ELIZABETH TRIMBLE October 30, 1849 in Pulaski Co, Ky, daughter of DAVID TRIMBLE and NANCY TARTER.  She was born in Pulaski Co,  Ky..  He married (3) ANN T 1867 in Pulaski Co KY. 


Notes for HENRY LAY:

Henry Lay married Delia Trimble in 1847 and Elizabeth Trimble in 1849. 

Daughter Celia Balzora Lay  of Henry Lay and Delia Trimble 

Ky Vitals Birth, Death, Marriage for Pulaski County show:

America A 1852, Lucy M 1853, Celia Balsora 1855, Louisa E 1857, James Franklin 1859.

Story goes that Delia Trimble was sick and Henry married her until she died, having an affair with Elizabeth on the side.  Henry and Elizabeth had 2 children before they married.




                   i.    HENRY GREEN6 TRIMBLE.

                  ii.    LUCY A TRIMBLE.

                 iii.    LUCY M LAY.

                 iv.    CELIA BALSORA LAY, b. April 26, 1856.

                  v.    LOUISA E LAY, b. May 20, 1857.

                 vi.    JAMES FRANKLIN LAY, b. March 20, 1859.

                vii.    AMERICA ANN LAY, b. March 15, 1853.



Children of HENRY LAY and ANN T are:

               viii.    CHARLES Z6 LAY, b. 1868.

                  ix.    HENRY F LAY, b. 1871.

                   x.    COLLAZA LAY, b. 1874.

                  xi.    JOHN W LAY, b. 1879.



Generation No. 6


12.  JOHN6 LAY (JESSE5, JOHN MICHAEL4, JESSE DUNCAN3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born 1844 in Campbell Co TN, and died in Lincoln Co, KY.  He married SADIE MCWHORTER in Casey Co. Ky.  She was born in KY.


Children of JOHN LAY and SADIE MCWHORTER are:

14.              i.    JAMES7 LEIGH.

                  ii.    GEORGE LEIGH.

                 iii.    SARAH LEIGH, m. FRANKS HASTY.

                 iv.    ROBERT LEIGH.

                  v.    ELIZABETH LEIGH.

                 vi.    WILLIAM LEIGH.

                vii.    JESSE LEIGH.



13.  MAHALA6 BAUGH (SCYNTHIA ELIZABETH5 LAY, BURRELL4, DAVID3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born 1824 in Pulaski Co KY.  She married INSTANT LAY 1824 in Pulaski Co KY.  He was born 1821 in Pulaski Co KY, and died 1863 in Pulaski Co KY.


Children of MAHALA BAUGH and INSTANT LAY are:

                   i.    JOHN HARRISON7 LAY, b. July 22, 1842.

                  ii.    GEORGE W LAY, b. 1846.

                 iii.    SARAH JANE LAY, b. 1849.

                 iv.    MARY ELIZA LAY, b. 1855.

                  v.    JAMES LAY, b. 1857.

                 vi.    WILLIAM R LAY, b. 1859.



Generation No. 7


14.  JAMES7 LEIGH (JOHN6 LAY, JESSE5, JOHN MICHAEL4, JESSE DUNCAN3, JESSE2, DAVID1)  He married (1) HANNAH SIMS in Casey County, daughter of MARSHAL SIMS and ANNA WALLS.  She was born 1870, and died January 06, 1926 in Took sick Sunday morning Dec 27.  He married (2) MARY FREDERICK 1885. 


Children of JAMES LEIGH and HANNAH SIMS are:

15.              i.    VADA8 LAY, b. May 22, 1902; d. June 30, 1980.

                  ii.    CLAUDE LAY.

                 iii.    MARIE LAY, m. PRESTON DEEDS.

                 iv.    HATTIE LAY.



Generation No. 8


15.  VADA8 LAY (JAMES7 LEIGH, JOHN6 LAY, JESSE5, JOHN MICHAEL4, JESSE DUNCAN3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born May 22, 1902, and died June 30, 1980.  She married JAMES HENRY DAUGHERTY August 1919, son of GEORGE DAUGHERTY and ANNIE STRINGER.  He was born November 30, 1895, and died 1975.



James Henry went to the Army Sept 21 1917, Camp Taylor Ky.  Camp Shelbey , May 16, 1918,

Camp Murth NJ June 6, 1918, Left for France,  first battle, July 26, 1918.  Returned Home May 8, 1919.

was mustered gased while in France.


Children of VADA LAY and JAMES DAUGHERTY are:

16.              i.    LOIS9 DAUGHERTY, b. May 14, 1928, Lincoln Co; d. May 17, 1973, Lincoln Co.

17.             ii.    WALTER DAUGHERTY, b. January 25, 1926; d. July 15, 1961.

                 iii.    GLADIS DAUGHERTY, m. CHESTER MOORE.

                 iv.    STELLA DAUGHERTY, m. HARRY BROCK.

                  v.    NELL DAUGHERTY, m. JIMMY MOORE.

                 vi.    MILDRED DAUGHERTY, m. TOMMY GOLFF.

                vii.    RACHAEL DAUGHERTY, m. GEORGE JR. TILLETT.

18.          viii.    RICHARD DAUGHERTY, b. May 25, 1938; d. February 04, 1980.

                  ix.    WANDA DAUGHERTY.



Generation No. 9


16.  LOIS9 DAUGHERTY (VADA8 LAY, JAMES7 LEIGH, JOHN6 LAY, JESSE5, JOHN MICHAEL4, JESSE DUNCAN3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born May 14, 1928 in Lincoln Co, and died May 17, 1973 in Lincoln Co.  She married EUGENE CARRIER May 27, 1947 in Lincoln County, son of LOGAN CARRIER and DELLA BASTIN.  He was born March 01, 1927.



19.              i.    SANDRA JEAN10 CARRIER, b. August 09, 1951, Danville, Ky.

20.             ii.    DONNA CARRIER, b. March 30, 1949.



17.  WALTER9 DAUGHERTY (VADA8 LAY, JAMES7 LEIGH, JOHN6 LAY, JESSE5, JOHN MICHAEL4, JESSE DUNCAN3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born January 25, 1926, and died July 15, 1961.  He married LILLIAN CARPENTER. 



                   i.    STEVE10 DAUGHERTY.

                  ii.    TEREAS DAUGHERTY.



18.  RICHARD9 DAUGHERTY (VADA8 LAY, JAMES7 LEIGH, JOHN6 LAY, JESSE5, JOHN MICHAEL4, JESSE DUNCAN3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born May 25, 1938, and died February 04, 1980.  He married (1) WANDA CARPENTER.    He married (2) LYDA MAE HAMILTON 1971. 



                   i.    KEITH10 DAUGHERTY.

                  ii.    RONNIE DAUGHERTY.

                 iii.    MADONNA DAUGHERTY.




21.            iv.    LATRICIA10 DAUGHERTY, b. April 07, 1967.

                  v.    MELISSA FAYE DAUGHERTY, b. May 28, 1970.



Generation No. 10


19.  SANDRA JEAN10 CARRIER (LOIS9 DAUGHERTY, VADA8 LAY, JAMES7 LEIGH, JOHN6 LAY, JESSE5, JOHN MICHAEL4, JESSE DUNCAN3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born August 09, 1951 in Danville, Ky.  She married LANNY ROY HUBBARD April 05, 1969 in Highland, Ky Mt Moriah, son of CHARLES HUBBARD and LOLA JENKINS.  He was born March 18, 1949 in Kings Mtn Ky.



                   i.    DUANE ROBERT "ROBBIE"11 HUBBARD, b. September 10, 1970, Danville Ky.

                  ii.    MICHAEL RYAN HUBBARD, b. March 27, 1974, Danville Ky.



20.  DONNA10 CARRIER (LOIS9 DAUGHERTY, VADA8 LAY, JAMES7 LEIGH, JOHN6 LAY, JESSE5, JOHN MICHAEL4, JESSE DUNCAN3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born March 30, 1949.  She married DENNIS BLOUGH May 21, 1966 in High KY Mt Moriah Church, son of KEN BLOUGH and DILLIE HENSLEY.  He was born January 15, 1947.



22.              i.    DENNIS RAY11 BLOUGH, b. September 05, 1969.






                   i.    JAMES RICHARD11 BRANSON, b. October 01, 1990.



Generation No. 11


22.  DENNIS RAY11 BLOUGH (DONNA10 CARRIER, LOIS9 DAUGHERTY, VADA8 LAY, JAMES7 LEIGH, JOHN6 LAY, JESSE5, JOHN MICHAEL4, JESSE DUNCAN3, JESSE2, DAVID1) was born September 05, 1969.  He married ANGIE SHARPE.  She was born February 06, 1972.



                   i.    BLANDON12 BLOUGH, b. January 15, 1993.

                  ii.    KYLE BLOUGH, b. September 15, 1995.

                 iii.    JORDON BLOUGH, b. May 13, 1998.