Kings Mtn. High School - Photo Page

Kings Mtn. High School  Trojans 1932 & 1942


The Kings Mtn. High School's  first women's basketball program was in 1926-27 and the last year was 1931-32. Their overall record was 80 - 26 .  Their district record was 8-5,  and Regional  record was 2-3. Their coaches were:  B. O. Petree 1925-28, D. O. Roberts 25-11, 1928-1930, Evans Mullins 1930- 1932.. In 1927 they were the 16th District Runner up, beaten by Danville in the finals. They lost in the first round of the 4th Region Tournament to Newtown, 18-17. In  1928 they lost in the 2nd round of the 19th District tournament. In 1929 they lost to Danville in the semi final game of the 18th District Tournament.  In 1930 they lost to McKinney in the first round ot the District Tournament.   In 1931 they were the 18th district Tournament Runner up, beaten by  Jamestown 31-18.  They  lost to Burnside in the semi finals of the 5th Region tournament.  In 1932 The lady Trojans won the 34th district tournament by  beating Moreland in the final game. They lost to  Pine Knot in the semi final game of the 9th Regional Tournament, 28-20.  The 1932 team (pictured) is the only team to win the district tournament.


  The Kings Mtn. High School's first men's basketball program was in 1925-26 and its last year was 1947, when the High School was closed. The school colors were originally Maroon and white but was changed to black and gold.  The school's  enrollment was 100.  The team's  mascot was the Trojans. Their district tournament record was 14-20 and their regional tournament record was 1-2.  Their all time record was 251-294.  Their coaches were: 1925-1928 B. O. Petree his record was  27 -33, 1928-1930, the coach was D.O. Roberts and his record was 23-23, 1930- 1933 the coach was Evans C. Mullins and his record was  26-4, 1933-1935 the coach was Leroy Pickett,  and his record was 23-28, 1935-1938, the coach was Albert Bond and his record was 32-46, 1938-1940 the coach was   J. E. Francis and his record was  24-28, 1940-1941, the coach was John E. Robertson, his record was  22-10, 1941-1944 the coach was Ivan C. McDaniel and his record was 41-35 with a District title, 1944-1945 the coach was Ralph Estes  and his record was 17-10, 1945-1946 the coach was Shelby Duff  and his record was 5-21,1946-1947 the coach was Walter Reed and his record was 11-16.  The 1942 team (pictured) was the only team to win the District Tournament with a seasonal record of 21-7.  They were beaten in the semi final game of the Regional tournament.