Hall's Gap named in  Honor of John Hall

John Hall left Old Dominion VA before the Revolutionary and along with members of his family migrated to Lincoln County KY.  Settling  near Logan’s Fort, which is now Stanford.  Most of the people who settled there came from the Shenandoah Valley and were related to Col. Benjamin Logan, including John Hall and Thomas Stephenson. Benjamin Logan , founder of Logan's Fort first came to Lincoln County in 1776.  Thomas Stephenson married Elizabeth "Betsy" Logan, daughter of David Logan and a sister of Col. Benjamin Logan on 25 Dec 1760, at the Peaked Mountain Presbyterian Church in Rockingham Co. There were members of the  Hall family living there also..  Thomas Stephenson that obtained a 1000 acre preemption in Lincoln Co. KY in 1781. The preemption was about 1+ miles east of Logan's Fort . John Hall also had a 1000 acre preemption, obtained at the same time, that adjoined the Stephenson preemption on the south end. Hall's Gap was on the south end of  John Hall's 1000 acre.

John’s son, John Hall Jr. was born in Lincoln County Kentucky. John married Mary Stephenson, who was born in Lincoln County and died in Montgomery County. She may have been a daughter of David Stephenson.. Her sister married John S. Owsley, one of the pioneers of Lincoln County. This David Stephenson and a Robert Stephenson bought part of the Thomas Stephenson preemption in 1792. David stayed in Lincoln Co. KY and Robert married Elizabeth Whitley, daughter of William Whitley, and they moved to Limestone Co. KY. John became a man of prominence and was elected sheriff.  John died while still in office after being kick by a horse.

Edwin R. Hall, son  John’s Hall Jr. was born in Lincoln County in 1843. He married Jennie Ann Baker, daughter of Ben Baker of Bourbon County, Kentucky. The Baker family were conferate sympathizers. Mrs. Hall saved the life of General Bennett H. Young, a conferate officer, who later in gratitude of her action, made her the heroine of his famous story "The maid of the Mill". They had two children Benjamin W. Hall and James B. Hall. Edwin R. Hall who moved to Montgomery County, Kentucky  and was a member of the Presbyterian Church. Edwin’s son, Benjamin W. Hall, was born in Mount Sterling, Kentucky on August 4, 1869.  Benjamin enrolled at the Northern Indiana Law School and received his law degree in 1891.  He practiced law in Mt. Sterling and for a while owed and published the Mt Sterling Gazette. In 1892, Mr.Hall Married Miss. Florence Riddle, daughter of Augusta and Eliza Riddle, In  Champaign Il.


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