A one-room school was established near the church in district known as Number 52. A record dated April 15 , 1891 , shows that “the county superintendent of common school of Lincoln County has ordered the trustees of white school district No. 52 to pay the debt on the school house in said district and to finish and seat the same. Therefore in order to faithfully carry out the provisions of said orders, we, the trustees of said District No. 52, levy and order the collection of a poll tax of 50 cents on each white male citizen in said district over 21 years old, for a year, or a period of two years.

 Also a property tax of 25 cents on each $100 worth of taxable property in said district for a year, for a period of two years. The said tax to be collected by the Sheriff of Lincoln County as other taxes are and paid over to the county superintendent.” E. R. Austin, H.P. Young, charter trustees, gave the order under our hands on April 15, 1891..

 The record also shows that on July 16, 1888, “School began with C. M. Young as teacher, holding a second class certificate, general average 83.9 percent. There was a vacation from Oct. 25 through Nov. 7 on account of the illness of the teacher. Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 29 was observed as a holiday..School closed on December 21, the teacher having taught 94 days and attended the  Institute five days. “Thirty cents was received from the patrons of the school with which a broom and dipper were purchased...H. F. Horton and D. W. Jenkins, trustees, were at the school house three times

  C. M. Young became one of the community’s foremost teacher, he often taught school five days a week, built the fires at the church, rang the church bell, played the church organ, led the singing offered prayer, taught a Sunday school class and sometimes preached.


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