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  : Ed Hubbard   Annie Hall
    son of Jesse Hubbard   daughter of Isham Hall
    and Melinda Salyers   and Jane Mullins
    Born 01/20/1840 in VA   Born 1840 in VA
    Died 11-3-1929 in Ky   Died 1903 in Blaine KY
    Co B 7th confederate Cavalry   Half Cherokee Indian

    John P. B. Hubbard   Nancy Polley
    son of Ed Hubbard   daughter of  Randolph Polley
    Annie Hall   and Dinah Adams
    Born 02/27/1866 In VA   Born 11/22/1867in KY
    Died 05/03/1940  In KY   Died 05/03/1940  In KY


    Henry M Hubbard   Dolly Mae Kicks
    son of John P. Hubbard   daughter of Thomas Hicks
    and Nancy Polley   and Mary Ann McMullins
    Born 07/26/1889 in VA   Born 09/21/1895 IN KY
    Died 01/21/1943 in KY   Died 01/16/1973 in KY
    Married first in VA   Married First in KY
    Mary Brummitt   Mr. Greybeal



  Charles "Hub" Hubbard   Lola Jane Jenkins
  son of Henry M. Hubbard   daughter of James H. Jenkins
  and Dolly Mae Hick   and Laura B Floyd
  Born 05/25/1922 in KY   Born 07/29/1924 in KY
  Died 05/25/2008 in KY   Living in KY
  Charles drove  a truck   Lola works for Palm Beach Co.
  and farmed   she also worked at Wal Mart.



: General Thomas Hicks   Mary Ann McMullins
  son of John Hicks   daughter of Milton McMullins
  and Melinda Norris   and Nancy Anderson
  Born 01/26/1869 in KY   Born 1871 In KY
  Died 06/23/1943 in KY   Died 1930 in KY
  Father was an Apache    




  Charles & Lola Hubbard   Family , circa 1953
  William Hubbard   Married Feona Cariel
  Deanna Hubbard   Married Vernon Young, & James Floyd
  Lanny Hubbard   Married Sandy Carrier
  Rita Hubbard   Married John Hazlett
  Charles served  in the Military   during World War ll





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